Roll-up Banners

Roll up banners are a staple of the exhibition scene. Print 2 Media have you covered at a range of price points.

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Roll up banners that aren’t a burden

If you’ve had roll-ups in the past and found them to be a pain (prone to falling over and a graphic that won’t hang straight) then you’ve been burned by a printer cutting corners. At Print 2 Media we make sure you get a product that will fulfil its purpose.

We only use quality cassettes

Yes you can get cheaper roll-ups elsewhere if you look hard enough, but make sure you carry a sandbag to weigh them down so they don’t fall over!

Our cheap roll-up banner cassette would be considered mid-grade by most printers. And for those who want to portray the best image at an exhibition, conference or trade show we have a premium roll-up that’ll make your business look the bees knees.

We only use anti-curl PVC

We won’t palm you off by printing your graphic on PVC banner material. The thicker material makes it harder to roll the graphic back into the cassette (reducing its lifespan). It won’t stay taught once extended – the edges of your graphic will curl inwards, looking cheap and obscuring your image. And finally, with no block-out layer, you will get ghosting through your image.

We won’t cut corners like this even if you ask us to. We only use high quality, anti-curl, grey-backed PVC.

  • The grey back blocks out light from behind, preserving the clarity of your image.
  • The anti-curl construction makes the image hang completely flat under tension.
  • Anti-curl PVC is specifically designed for roll-up banner use, increasing the lifespan of your cassette