Flat Cut Lettering

Flat cut lettering is a fantastic way to brand your business premises. Our 3D flat cut letters literally stand out from more run-of-the-mill printed signage – especially when combined with our easy-to-use locators that float the letters in front of your wall or backing board.

Available in acrylic, foamex or dibond.

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A cut above the rest

Flat cut letters offer a more premium finish than a standard printed sign. It’s a terrible pun but they’re a cut above the average sign!

The raised profile of the letters evokes traditional carved signage and imparts a traditional feel that’s a great fit for the offices of professional services businesses, for example: banks, financial services companies, solicitors and accountants.

If you don’t already have a suitable typeface from your logo or brand style guide, professional services companies should choose a traditional, elegant serif font or simple sans-serif font for their flat cut letters. Don’t get too outlandish with the colour or finish either.

Or flat-out fun!

Our flat cut letters can also be used to create a fun and funky effect – perfect for everything from lifestyle brand stores to fast-food takeaways.

If you want something a little funkier pick a less traditional display font and marry it with a bold colour or unusual finish.

Degrees of 3D

Whether you’re looking for an elegant sign for your office or something funky for your kids clothing store, choosing a thicker material will exaggerate the look you’re going for. If you ask us… the thicker the better!

For an even more pronounced effect, mount your flat cut letters on stand-off locators. These give the effect of your letters floating in space in front of your wall or backing board.

Clever combos

It’s worth bearing in mind what you’ll be fixing the letters to. They look great against a stone or brick wall, but you may want to combine them with a flat colour or printed backing. A backing board works equally well whether you’re mounting the letters with or without stand-off locators. Take a look at our dibond or foamex signs if you want to order a backing board with your flat cut lettering.

Easy install

We go out of our way to make installing your letters as easy as possible. We provide a paper template and full instructions with every set of letters we send out. If you order locators we will fix them to the backs of the letters for you.

Click the image below for a quick look at our installation instructions, or download the PDF.

A guide to fitting acrylic flat cut letters on stand off locator mounts