Rigid Signs

Our rigid signs are made from solid plastic (foamex), fluted plastic (correx), aluminium composite (dibond) or hard acrylic. They can be adapted for all indoor and outdoor signage needs.

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If you need a rigid sign – any sign – we’ve got you covered.

3mm foamex is perfect for exhibition shell scheme cladding. 5mm foamex is an economical sign material for indoors or out. Correx is a cheap material that’s perfect for temporary signage. Dibond is the most robust material for outdoor signs that will be exposed to the wind (it can also be supplied with sign channel for mounting to posts). Acrylic is a premium looking, hard plastic material with a beautiful shine for extra special signs. Acrylic is also available in a clear finish.

All of our rigid signs are printed to the highest photo quality (no joke… they’ve been used as exhibits in art galleries). They’re perfect for displaying your brand, wayfinding and directional signs, informational signage, exhibitions, site hoardings and site boards and many other uses.

Check out our guide for a detailed guide to choosing the right material for your rigid sign.

Rigid but adaptable

All of our rigid sign materials are highly versatile. They are easy to drill and can be fixed in a number of ways:

  • Screwed straight to a wall (use appropriate rawl plugs)
  • Screwed to wooden batons
  • Screwed to a wooden backboard
  • Screwed to wooden posts (speak to us for advice on how many posts you’ll need for your sign)
  • Fixed into an existing frame
  • Supplied with a frame (ask us for advice on what’s suitable)
  • Supplied with sign channel for mounting to posts

If you choose drill holes when you order, we’ll even pre-drill holes in the corners of the sign for you. We can also round off the corners for aesthetic effect or to protect pedestrians from sharp corners if the sign will be in a public place.

The best finish

When you choose Print 2 Media as your sign supplier you can be sure you’ve picked the best.

We’re big enough to have invested in the best equipment but we’re small enough that all our jobs receive a personal touch.

We care about your sign. It will be:

  • Printed on the cutting edge of print technology at photo quality (we’re using printers designed for high-end retail packaging to make your signs)
  • Hand-finished with care
  • Delivered in the most robust packaging

If you want any more advice or guidance, call us personally on 01579 340985.