Foamex Signs Top Facts – Foamex Cutouts

Foamex is a plastic material that comes in flat, rigid sheets. It’s economical, relatively low weight and great for printing on.

The sheets, once printed, are normally trimmed down into smaller rectangular signs. However, we are able to contour-cut Foamex into virtually any shape on our CNC table.

Foamex cutouts can be used in many ways. Let’s go over some of the common uses now.

Shaped Foamex signs

If you want something a little more exciting than a stock rectangular sign, you could have the outside of your sign cut to the shape of the printed design. This is especially effective with bold logos that have a distinctive shape and outline. You can hire someone from Cincinnati sign company to help create your sign.

Printed Foamex cutout sheep

Mounted floor-standing Foamex cutouts

Thicker Foamex (5-10mm) is rigid enough to free-stand and can be inserted into a suitable mount. With a cut-to-shape design this makes for a really eye-catching display. Our Wedge Display Stand is a perfect example.

Foamex standees

Alternatively, cutout Foamex can be used with a “standee” to make it free-stand. The standee gives more support to the board so you can go to larger sizes or get away with a less thick Foamex than with a floor mount.

The standees part can be made from cardboard or correx as suits the amount of support required.

Flat-cut Lettering

Foamex is great for budget flat-cut lettering. Our CNC cutter can easily cope with complex shapes and internal cuts such as those required to create 3D letters. Available in a number of different colours.

Foamex flat cut letters in white