A photo of our Fuji Acuity 1600 LED printing Royal Cornwall Show boards

Print White and Clear Inks and Steal a March on your Competitors

No business can afford to rest on its laurels.

This includes your business and ours.

So we’ve invested in the latest wide format print technology to bring you a wider range of even better print products that help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors.

A photo of Ian from Fuji installing our Acuity 1600 UV-LED printer

Ian from Fuji installing our Acuity 1600 UV-LED printer

The Fuji Acuity 1600LED is one of the first commercially available UV-LED printers.

UV printers have been around for a few years now. They print with an ink that is cured instantly by Ultraviolet light, which has traditionally been provided by old-fashioned lamps that draw an enormous amount of power and create lots of heat.

The Ultraviolet in our new Fuji Acuity is generated by LED lamps – the same low-power technology that is now standard in powerful torches. There are many benefits to this:

  • Low power – better for the environment
  • Very little heat production – better for the environment (and us!)
  • Low cost to run – savings can be passed on to our customers
  • No chemical outgassing – volatile compounds are removed instantly

Special effects that set your printed products apart

The Fuji Acuity 1600LED has some other great benefits too… White and clear ink printing.

White ink printing lets us do some really cool things on clear vinyl and clear perspex / acrylic:

  • Transparency with spot white areas
  • Vivid colour photo prints with transparent areas
  • Vivid window stickers that work on the inside or outside of a window
  • Double-sided window stickers with the same image visible from both sides
  • One-way vision window coverings

Clear ink printing opens up a range of exciting effects:

  • A spot varnish effect for a premium look
  • An all over varnish effect
  • An emboss effect for a premium feel (using multiple layers of clear ink)
A photo of our Fuji Acuity 1600 LED printing Royal Cornwall Show boards

Our Fuji UV-LED printer printing straight-to-board. If you’re from Cornwall you’ll recognise where this board is going…

Improved economy and robust signage with straight-to-board printing

One of the primary benefits of UV print technology is its ability to print direct to a large range of substrates. This does away with the need to print to a vinyl that is then mounted to the board and likely laminated as well. The finished product is just as robust and will last 3 to 5 years outdoors in all the British weather can throw at it (assuming you’ve chosen the right board of course).

We can now print straight to:

  • Foamex
  • Correx
  • Aluminium Dibond / Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)
  • Perspex / acrylic / polycarbonate
  • Glass
  • Wood (OK, we haven’t tried this yet, but it should work!)

You will see the Print 2 Media site update over the coming weeks with new options for buying straight-to-board signs at an even better price than our already highly competitive offerings.

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Your chance to shine

So if you want to impress with your next print job, be it outside signage for your business, interior wall décor for your office or large format graphics for an exhibition, take advantage of our fantastic prices and spend the difference on a special print effect. It’ll catch the eye of passers by and those potential customers looking for anything that sets one business apart from another.

Contact us here and lets talk about giving your next print job a “clear” chance at beating the competition.

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A photo of our Fuji Acuity 1600 LED printing wallpaper

Capable of printing straight-to-board, but also a great roll-to-roll printer. Instant cure UV inks are perfect for wallpaper.