Acrylic Flat Cut Letters

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Acrylic flat cut letters are a sophisticated way to display a logotype on a shop frontage but can also be used to add a touch of class to a  retail interior. Because acrylic is cut on our laser cutter, you can be sure of the best possible finish with polished edges and no holding tabs.

Choose your colour from the form below. You can also choose to have your letters supplied with stand-off mounts for easily mounting in front of the wall or shop-front.

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Premium branding

Acrylic flat cut letters are a classic and classy means of displaying your brand.

Acrylic is the premium rigid plastic sign material. Using acrylic rather than foamex or dibond will ensure your 3D letters will look a cut above your competitors’.

Because acrylic contains no PVC (it’s a polypropylene or PP plastic) we can cut it on our laser cutter. This gives the best cut finish in the industry – perfect crisp cuts, no holding tabs and the laser beam polishes the edge as it cuts. This is a big improvement over foamex, which is PVC based and has to be cut on a CNC machine with a blade. The CNC machine requires holding tabs that we do our best to clean up, but the finish can never be as perfect as it is with acrylic.

Your logotype

We offer a simple lettering designer in the form above – just choose your font from the drop-down box and type in the word or words you require.

If however, you have existing artwork for your brand, choose “I have my own artwork” and you will be presented with a form to upload the digital files. We can only accept artwork in vector format as we require this for our CNC cutting machine to work.

PDF, EPS and Illustrator AI files are all acceptable.

A finish to suit your business

We work with cast acrylics that come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Our opaque acrylics have excellent colour depth. They are ultra smooth, giving high light reflectivity (they look quite glossy).

All of our colours are available as 5mm thick acrylic. 5mm gives a really 3D effect!

You can see photos of all our acrylic finishes higher up this page.

To fix or float your acrylic flat cut letters?

Acrylic flat cut letters can be fixed to your shop-front or wall in different ways.

You can attach them straight to the wall or backing board. To do this will require blind fixing (you don’t want any screw heads or mounts visible on the front of the letters) so it’s best to use a very strong adhesive tape – something like Very High Bond (VHB) tape from 3M™ – or a strong spreadable adhesive. You should be OK with something like No More Nails™ or a similar branded adhesive but a two-part epoxy would be even stronger.

Alternatively, we can supply the letters with stand-off locators. If you choose this option we will send each letter out with approximately 3 (it will vary a bit depending on letter and size) male locators attached to the back. Your package will contain a similar number of female locators which you screw to your wall or backing board. Each letter is pushed onto the female locators and they snap into place.

Please note: Print 2 Media can not be held responsible for the incorrect installation of the acrylic flat cut letters we supply.

Making your life easy!

You might be wondering how you line your letters up on the wall? Fear not! We send out a paper template of your lettering all lined up and correctly spaced.

If you’re sticking your letters straight to the wall or backing board you can attach the template in place with masking tape and push a pen or knife through on the letter corners to mark where the letter needs to go. Pull away that part of the template and fix the letter in place.

If you’re mounting your letters on stand-off locators you follow a similar process. Attach the template in place with masking tape, then hold up each letter to the template and press the protruding male locators firmly against the template. Each locator has a pointed nipple that will leave a dimple on the paper. This is where you drill holes (if required) and screw in the female part of the locators.

We’ve prepared easy-to-follow instructions for mounting your letters on stand-off locators. Click the thumbnail below to view a larger image or click here to download a PDF.

A guide to fitting acrylic flat cut letters on stand off locator mounts


Plays well with…

If you’re looking for a backing board or fascia to fasten your acrylic flat cut letters to, take a look at our foamex or aluminium dibond sign products. We can produce these in a single colour or fully print them to create all kinds of effects.


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