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Everything you need for a custom sized, all-weather sign that is mounted to 1 or 2 posts. We can supply the posts with your sign or you can order a sign complete with fittings to attach to your existing in-situ posts.

Our post mounted signs include:

  • Custom sized, fully printed dibond sign
  • Aluminium sign channel fixed to the back of your sign
  • All necessary clamps and bolts for attaching your sign to your posts
  • 50mm or 76mm diameter sign posts (optional)

Our sign posts are grey painted in round or square profile. 50mm diameter posts are 2m long. 76mm diameter posts are 3m long.

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Post mounted signs are high impact and incredibly versatile. They are held aloft without being attached to a wall or other structure so there is little to distract from their message.

You can situate them anywhere you can dig a small hole so you can deliver your message at exactly the right point.

Post mounted signs are printed onto dibond (aluminium composite panel) and can be matt or gloss laminated. Dibond is very robust and will give you a sign that will survive in all weather for a number of years. Adding a laminate offers extra UV protection and will help to keep your sign looking bright and bold.

We attach aluminium channel to the back of your sign. We determine the correct amount based on the size of your sign. We also provide all necessary clamps to suit the number and shape of your posts. The clamps wrap around your posts and slide into the sign channel, a simple nut and bolt (provided) is then used to tighten everything up.

I just need to replace the sign

If you already have posts in place and just want to replace the sign then we have you covered. Our flexible order form lets you order a custom size to fit your posts perfectly… and it will come with aluminium sign channel fixed to the back and all the necessary clamps to install to your in-situ posts.

How do I install my sign posts?

If you don’t have sign posts in-situ we are happy to supply them. You will need to dig a post hole and concrete the post in place. There are a number of ready-mix, rapid setting “post fix” concretes on the market that are perfect for installing sign posts. Just add water!

How many sign posts do I need?

For signs with a width of 750mm or less you can get away with a single post, but we would recommend a 76mm diameter post in that case.

Smaller signs above 500mm wide can be mounted on two 50mm diameter posts.

Signs wider than 1,200mm and up to 2,400mm should be mounted on two 76mm diameter posts.

Sign width Number of posts
Less than 500mm 1 x 76mm dia.
500mm to 750mm 1 x 76mm dia. or
2 x 50mm dia.
750mm to 1,200mm 2 x 50mm dia. or
2 x 76mm dia.
1,200mm to 2,400mm 2 x 76mm dia.

Signs wider than 2,400mm can’t be made from a single sheet of dibond so multiple pieces have to be produced to span multiple pairs of posts. Contact us on 01579 340985 for more info.

How deep should I bury my sign posts?

Ideally, you should aim for 2 to 3 feet of post buried in the ground, but realistically, aim for a minimum depth based on the following table:

Total length of post Amount of post to bury
1m 300mm
2m 600mm
3m 750mm

Note: 50mm diameter posts are 2m long, 76mm diameter posts are 3m long.

How do I attach my sign to my posts?

We supply everything you need to fix your sign to your posts. The only thing you’ll need to provide is a spanner to tighten up the nuts! It’s also helpful to have someone assist by holding the sign roughly in place.

  1. Once the sign is being held in position with the horizontal sign channel against the posts, pop the end of a sign clamp into the sign channel and rotate it so you can wrap it around the post. Make sure the end with the hole in it is towards the outside if you have more than one post.
  2. Now slide one of the provided bolts into the sign channel with the square head inside the channel and the threaded shaft poking out. Slide it all the way to the clamp and then pop the threaded shaft through the hole in the clamp.
  3. Place a washer and bolt onto the shaft and tighten it up just enough to hold the sign in place but also give yourself a bit of play.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for each point at which sign channel intersects with a post (if you have two pieces of sign channel and two posts there will be four clamps).
  5. Ensure the sign is square and level and fully tighten all the clamps.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lewis Steeper (verified owner)

    I purchased one of these signs for a customer after using another supplier for many years, the signs were slightly more expensive but once they were delivered, my customer was super impressed with both the quality of the sign, the professionalism thats gone into it and also the rounded corners, just tops the whole sign off. Thanks to everyone at Print2Media you have a repeat customer here.

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